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Jesus said to Satan, "Away With You Satan"...And with that here is a website on how you speaking these 4 words can help you survive in this world.....

The bottom line is everyone on this planet has a common enemy... Satan, Most doubters have their point of view on evil, most say we humans are inherently evil by nature and I usually keep my answer simple with an observation, look at mobs or other groups with the same mindset, they all have the same thoughts and same agenda, a great example goes way back before mass communications and social networking, Satan said he was going to destroy Christ's church, well. everything that has been going on in that organization shurely proves what I'm saying here. think about it... a large group of individuals having the same evil intentions throughout the world back in the time before social networking how did they communicate? and on this pure evil act they wouldn't talk about this to anyone, yes Satan exists 

Even if you don't believe in Satan....He certainly believes in you! 

The battle of good and evil has been going on since the human race became self aware. the battle of Armageddon is happening's in your own head, not a physical location (see pic)







                                This is the field of Armageddon, peaceful huh

And if we can ward off this bad presence by saying 4 simple words, you have nothing to lose.

Here is the Scenario: I want you to imagine you are walking down a dark alley, you had no choice but to go down that road, you know you are being stalked you can feel the presence of somebody there you are being watched and hunted and your scared, very scared,very alone you feel abandoned you feel you have nobody to help you...So in desperation with nothing to lose using a strong powerful voice you shout "Away With You Satan"

Then just that quick a light will come on showing you the way, you feel the warmth of The Son and the comfort that you are not alone and you will never be afraid of the darkness anymore.
If taking the advice from this website you might experience a closeness with Jesus, a calmness like nothing you have never felt and the power to reject evil and like it. The other pages get into details on how this can work. and no its not simple if you have doubts and you are looking for a "see the crack pot has a website" mindset enjoy. This is why I have no banners or other advertising I want the word to be sold, not google ads

armageddon field.jpg

God is the Creator

Creator and Hater.png

Satan   is the Hater

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