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How Did I Find Out About This???


I lost my son to cancer in 2014 and it was a hard road to travel emotionally for years during his treatments I would cry sometimes uncontrollably almost every night, and when he passed I will visit him at his resting place and still I would cry and lose emotional control, then in one moment on the very day I was still crying uncontrollable it all changed.....

For the longest time I would listen to the Audio Version of the New Testament for inspiration and I did this back and forth from work (I drive 120 miles round trip so I get 2 1/2 hours a day to listen)

In February of 2015 I was again listening to the New Testament and I heard "Away With You Satan" Jesus said this to Satan in Matthew 4  then when I got to the Book of James Chapter 4, verses 7 to 8

7 - Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
8 - Come near to God and he will come near to you

So I said to myself could it be that simple? so I spoke these words "Away With You Satan" I said this in a strong and powerful voice but replaced Satan with the word Evil and ever since I did that I have not cried uncontrollably or was an emotional mess, I also have a better attitude and when people ask me how I am doing I say I'm at peace. And if I feel myself slipping spiritually I will repeat, so use it when you want strength and Jesus will give you a shield to repel evil.

Why Would God Give Us This Shield? Because Jesus doesn't want you to suffer the passing of a loved one or to be deeply depressed, Jesus wants you to know his love is true and your loved one is in his care and no evil will ever harm them again, and by saying these words to Satan it gives you strength and hope that everything in God's world will be perfect (without death, evil and everything else Satan uses against you as a weapon) This is why Jesus is giving you a shield (makes sense doesn't it?)

As I stated on the previous page its been over 5 years and the shield is still with me, Thank you God, Here are some things I learned since I received the gift of the shield....

How do you achieve Salvation?

Faith isn't all you need to get salvation
Faith isn't something you can just have
not in the conventional sense
Faith isn't the goal, Faith is the process it takes time and dedication each day.
This world is not about financial achievement alone, it's about how we care and interact with each other like God cares and interacts with us. Having faith is good, but not the only thing you need to get salvation.

Compassion and Freewill

Why is there war, starvation, poverty, disease, fire, flood, a child goes missing, a man loses hope, we being human have more power than we know, food can be grown, diseases can be cured and wars ended a troubled veteran can be helped and a marriage saved, when you ask God why all this is happening start by looking to each other and that's where God will be. Miracles happen every day....sometimes the miracle is you


Does Freewill Exist?


Freewill does exist, the entire foundation of human law depends on the existence of freewill. Does this mean that every human act is a matter of freewill? Of course not, no more than you can use freewill to grow back an amputated limb.
God's Will and Human Freewill are not contradictory they are not two versions of the same thing, but they do fit perfectly together, God designed it that way, Freewill is like a game of chess pieces interact, there's rules, there's give and take, but no two pieces can occupy the same space at the same time, it's like God and Us, people make choices, and those choices have consequences and if knowing Gods Will were part of every human decision, how would anything every have to make your own choices and live by those choices no matter how you arrived at them.

This is my website, I am the webmaster and all these words are mine, I do not have any advertisements or pop-up ads I did not create this website to be a form of revenue to do so cheapens the reason why I created this.

If you have any questions about anything about this website, please email me. I would like to read your story if this works as well for you as for the people I know including me, 

you might be asking why I am not identifying myself, if you want to know who I am its easy to find out I have nothing to hide, I am proud and blessed but I don't want to draw attention to myself that is not the purpose for this website


                            Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?




















I have an expression: "Give your Heart to Jesus, God has got your back"

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