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  2009 videos

Thanks to El Niño we have had perfect weekend weather here in Wheeling WV, temperatures have been in the high 60's with blue skies....sports next

I installed the entire system in 2 weekends this is normally every weekend in November. I have added many new "toys" I won't detail on what they are I will let the 2009 videos display them.

Normally I would detail a daily progress report but things moved so swiftly by the time I started, I was done.

I have to note that I have converted most of my display to LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) I was able to take advantage of their lower electrical power consumption and add more lights to the display, In my testing of the system, I am pleased with the results.

All the videos are on this page, all 25 of them

Side Note: Somebody decided that they didn't like people decorating their house with lights so I was vandalized last night, I am going to repair the damage

11-20-09 I have fixed all sliced wires, everything works

We had a nice snowfall (12/19/09) and I had to record some new videos, so i did.

12/18/09 The Lights won another award and came in..... I don't know maybe next to last place in a contest held by the Island Community Assoc. now, 3 years ago I came in 1st. but Linda had a "conversation" with the President of the ICA a few years ago on something not related to the lights and now we finish 3rd or 4th or is it 5th? anywho I like to say we won the "Best use of Electricity 2008 & 2009" award 2 years straight.   YES...we're #5...we're #5...we're #5 or is it 4th?

I am working on Freebird, the 9min version for the January 2010 show. also Styx and some other songs that I am entertaining.

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