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Seems We Just Get Started And Before You Know It.....1

It is with a sad feeling that I will not be doing the 2022 Light Display. This is the first time since 2007 the Lights will be off. There are a few reasons why but the main is the neighborhood to which we live in is not a safe neighborhood anymore, and I don't want anybody being uncomfortable watching "The Lights". 

Since "The Lights" was Michael's idea I took pleasure in designing and setting up the display. I have a weighted heart on not doing the display in 2022 with my physical health being fine.

I don't know or anybody knows what 2023 will be like, I pray for the world to be a better place and hope all for the better.


 I might look for a new location for the display, or I will just retire and live on the memories that it has given our family through many Christmas Seasons.

This website will be my history book for the lights, and since it is on Wix which is a free website provider it should be around for a while. Also all the videos from 2007 to 2021 are on YouTube .

It will be  a while before I do any updates for this site as my heart just isn't in it.

thank you all for being a part of "The Lights" I considered you as friends I never met. and hopefully we will meet again.

-Paul Carroll

October 31st, 2022

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