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Here's the sign, I think 50% of the people who see the lights, don't see this sign. 










What I am doing is called Unlicensed FM Broadcasting or Part 15

Unlicensed broadcasts on the FM broadcast band (88 to 108 MHz) are limited to a field strength of 250 µ/V/m at a distance of 3 meters from the antenna. This is equivalent to 0.01 milliwatts. Emissions must be kept within the 88.0 to 108.0 MHz band under Part 15 rules

If your interested in more details on Part 15 broadcasting check the link at the bottom of this page.

FM Transmitters & Antennas (My Way)

My Back-Up FM Modulators is a Ramsey FM10C The one thing I do not like about this unit is that it drifts off frequency, so once a week I am tweaking the FCO (Frequency Control Oscillator) with my radio headset on. The Ramsey is mounted inside the house on top of the computer with a RG-59 cable running to this gray box and telescopic antenna


 The funny thing is I can cover a 3 block radius with this Transmitter & Antenna at .01 watts TPO (transmitter power output), and its FCC Legal/Certified, (this location was used from 2009-2010)

My main unit is this  FM Transmitter  (above right) that I used for 5 years now, And this unit is perfect for people that want something that's not labor intensive and simple to use.

It is pictured in use on the lower right, in the upper left side of the gray box with the red and white RCA connectors attached to it. I used a 3-pair West-Penn cable to run from the computer to this box for a distance of 75ft, 2-pairs are dedicated to left and right channels of audio and the 3rd pair is for the 12v power supply. The antenna for this unit is the white wire wrapped around the telescopic antenna (see above picture, left side)

2014 Display883FM.png
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