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  2010 videos


Here it is Mid-Sept and I am working on the 2010 season, I have new music and a redesigned lightshow with some really cool effects. please check back on more progress


Its been rainng here like we are in the tropics and with work combined  I am a few days behind schedule but the lights are on, but only 80% installed. I will be working most of this weekend finishing this project.


Done..... All Lights are installed,  worked all weekend Saturday was cold, But..,Sunday was nice

I have a new "toy" but you have to see it in person.  I'm still getting some bugs out of it but I will post a video of it next week, The camera is on. as you probably already seen on the splash page of this website (it's a CCTV camera with night vision.  I think it looks "interesting" but it stays

I will be fine tuning the next days, but I am 100% installed for the 2010 season, Enjoy

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